Bach, Johann Sebastian (Sauer) Art of the Fugue, BWV.1080 - Complete

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  • Bach, Johann Sebastian (Sauer)

    Art of the Fugue, BWV.1080 - Complete (Sauer) [211.01]

    Baroque. Complete set of all the Contrapuncti from Bach's final opus, including the unfinished number 15. Set includes a full score and five part books. Revised and updated reissue of Sauer's landmark 1978 edition, with all misprints corrected and additional cues added. Also includes the chorale "Vor deinen Thron," Bach's last composition.

    Note: Contrapunctus 15 is known elsewhere in our catalog as Contrapunctus 14. Those collections that contain fifteen Contrapuncti (such as this one) are based on an early keyboard edition that included an extra fugue - called No 14 - that is actually a variant on No 10 (BWV.1080 nr 10). Bach wrote only fourteen Contrapuncti*, with number 14 being the final, though incomplete, movement. -cdp

    * Sixteen if you consider the Inversus versions of Nos. 12 and 13 as separate Contrapuncti. For sake of argument, I consider these to be part and parcel with their numbered Rectus versions.

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