String Instrument Repair

General Repair Pricing
The repair shop at Hickey's Music Center is pleased to offer free estimates on services in addition to those listed on these lists. Prices do not include parts. Professional instruments may require more time to fine tune the repair and may cost more. We offer top-off repairs, as well as soundpost patches and pegbox repairs. Verbal repair estimates are always free.
Shop Rate $60/hour
Minimum shop charge $15
Minimum pickup/delivery charge $25
Case repair By estimate
Insurance estimates/appraisals $25
Verbal, non-written estimates/appraisals Free

Basic Repair Prices  (see below for Bow repairs)
Prices do NOT include parts.
  Violin Viola Cello Bass
Bridge - refit or fix warp $25 $30 $35 $40
Bridge - replace (labor only - see below) $45-60 $45-60 $50-100 $70-100
  Bridge Pricing $10-80 $10-80 $24-220 $75-500
  Bridge types and prices vary according to the quality and condition of the instrument they are to be installed upon. No two bridges are the same. Bridges come to us as "blanks" and must be custom fitted to the instrument.
Clean & Polish $40 $40 $60 $80
Cracks By Estimate Only
Fingerboard Dressing $40+ $40+ $50+ $80+
Nut or Saddle - replace $30+ $30+ $50+ $80+
Pegs - refit (per set) $40 $40 $40 N/A
Pegs - replace (includes set of basic pegs) $52 $52 $74 N/A
Pegs - repair/fit bushings (per set) $80 $80 $140 N/A
Seams (open) - clean & reglue (minimum) $20+ $20+ $30+ $40+
Soundpost - reset $5-15 $5-15 $5-15 $5-15
Soundpost - replace $35 $35 $65 $75-100

Bow Repair Prices
Hickey's Music Center is pleased to offer the expert services of Geo Kloppel for your bow's maintenance and repair.

  Violin & Viola Bows (white mongolian horsehair) $70
  Cello Bows (white mongolian horsehair) $75
  Double Bass Bows  
    silver-cinnamon mongolian horsehair $80
    white mongolian horsehair $80
  Sterling Silver Wire (several gauges available) $50
  Goatskin Thumb Leather $25
  Lizardskin Thumb Leather $45
  Other Options (tinsel, gold, leather, surgical rubber, etc.) inquire
Tip Replacement  
  Galalith, Tip Armor, Silver, Gold or Other Materials inquire
General Repairs  
  Replace Eyelet (any standard thread size) $25 & Up
  Replace Screw (any standard thread size) $30 & Up
  Bush Frog or End Button (w/o screw or eyelet) $30 & Up
  Bush Pilot Hole (inner hole only) $30 & Up
  Bush Screw Hole (outer hole only) $50 & Up
  Straighten or Recamber $25 & Up
  Replace Pearl Eye (various shells available) $30 & Up
  Replace Pearl Slide (various shells available) $60 & Up
  Spline Broken Head $100 & Up
  Replace Ferrule, End Button or Rings (inquire)
  Grafts, etc. (inquire)
  All Other Repairs (inquire)