Piano with Alejandro

Offering Two Levels:

Adult Beginners
Intro to Jazz Piano

Have you always wanted to take piano lessons but struggled to find the right teacher? Have you ever thought about surprising someone with a song? Come learn piano with Alejandro in a friendly and respectful atmosphere!

A teacher with over 20 years of experience, Alejandro shares his love of music and expertise to teach YOU how to play the piano. Two courses currently being offered - Piano for Adult Beginners and Introduction to Jazz Piano.

For the first time ever PianoPerfect is offering virtual group piano and jazz piano lessons! Alejandro helps you to navigate through the joys of learning piano for the very first time, or shares with you his insights to playing beautiful jazz piano. Each course offers a well-constructed curriculum with sheet music included, and each lesson is recorded for you to keep and study.

Call 607.272.8262 for more details or email us at play@hickey.com

Adult Beginners: This class is for anyone 15 years of age and older. No experience necessary. This class meets on Tuesdays.

Introduction to Jazz Piano: This class is for students have studied piano for at least two years and have moderate reading skills (Faber lesson 3B). Students should be able to play all of their major scales hands-together 2 octaves. This class meets on Mondays


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I take both classes? - No. The Jazz course requires more piano experience than the beginning class provides.

Do Have to take one before the other? - No.

How do I know if I’m ready/able? - Anyone can take the beginner's class. The Jazz class requires at least two years of piano study and some music reading skills (Equivalent to Faber Lesson 3B).

What if I miss a class? - There are no make-up classes, but all classes are recorded and sheet music for the lessons will be emailed after each class.

Do I need a real piano? - No, an electric keyboard can also work.

Do I need to buy a book? - No texts required for the Jazz Class. Adult Piano Adventures All-in-one Piano Course is a required text for beginners class. We have that book available in our store

Will I need extra equipment for a zoom lesson? - Nope. Just your device and piano should do.

What is the cost? The fee is $150 for a set of six lessons.