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Legal Terms

All information on this website is provided on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Information from this website may contain typographical errors, incorrect prices, or technical inaccuracies. Policies, terms, prices, availability, specifications, and all other information is subject to change and/or correction at any time without notice.

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Account Security & Confidentiality

At Hickeys, we value your privacy and your trust in us. Your name, address, e-mail, phone number and purchase history are kept on our in-store computer system. Your credit card is not stored on our system at all, only the final four digits. We use our system to expedite your orders and provide intelligent customer service to you. We do not ever rent, sell or otherwise make available any information whatsoever about you or your history to anyone. Ever. We diligently guard your privacy and refuse all requests from outside firms for access to our mailing list. For those who have signed up on our e-mail list, you may also rest assured that the address is completely confidential here at Hickeys. It may be used to occasionally notify you of our special offers or other promotions we are running of which you may be interested. We do not allow any outsiders access to your e-mail address for any reason. Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions about our privacy policies or practices. You can email us at or call 1-800.442.5397.

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Returns & Exchanges

Our Return Policy is designed to be fair and upright, so that we may offer you the widest selection of hard-to-find musical items at a reasonable cost with low-cost speedy delivery. As such, it may be different from those of some other retailers, therefore please take a moment to become familiar with it.

All returns or exchanges must occur within 30 days of the original invoice and must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice and a Return Form or a note explaining the reason for the return. Be sure to always include a copy of your invoice—returns received without invoice copies may not be credited or credited correctly. You do not need a Return Authorization (R/A) number before sending your return. If you are uncertain of whether you are allowed to return an item, please contact us first before sending it back. Any item returned in violation of this policy will not be credited and may be refused and sent back to you.

  • Music & Books:  Music and Books are not returnable or exchangeable unless there is a printing error or we shipped the wrong item to you (except for Music Half & Half Trials—see Trial Periods below). We can not take back music because it is not satisfactory or is not what you expected, or because it is too easy or too hard. In the case of defective music, we will exchange your defective copy for a corrected version if possible. We will only issue a refund or credit if a corrected copy is no longer available. Music returned must be in mint condition with no markings whatsoever.
  • Accessories:   Accessories are returnable if they and their packaging are unused and in mint condition. Accessories that arrive with themselves or their packaging damaged will be credited at a lesser value than when sold.
  • Recordings:   CDs and DVD's are returnable only if they are still in their original, unbroken shrink wrap. Defective CDs can of course be returned, and will be exchanged for new ones. CDs may not be returned because they are not what you expected or because you don't like the performance.
  • Software:   Software is returnable only if the item was sent in error and the shrink wrap is unbroken. Software that has damaged or defective media (disks) can be exchanged for undamaged only. No refunds will be issued for damaged or defective media unless a replacement is unavailable. Software that has "bugs," does not work on your system, or is otherwise found to be unsuitable is not considered defective and can not be returned.
In cases of defective or erroneous merchandise, we will also refund your shipping charges if the original shipping charges pertained to only the returned item. In cases where you are returning an item for reasons other than defect or error, we will credit your account for the cost of the item only, minus shipping charges. This is our general policy regarding returns and exchanges. There may be exceptions or circumstances unforseen at the time of this writing. In those cases we will do what is fair and appropriate to remedy the situation.

We appreciate your cooperation with us in regards to this and other policies outlined on this page. These policies have been instituted so that we may offer you the widest selection of hard-to-find musical items at a reasonable cost with fast delivery. While a more liberal return policy might be initially appealing, it would seriously affect our ability to offer you the wide range of products you will find here.

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Trial Periods

We offer trial periods on in-stock music, mouthpieces and instruments. We don't do trials on special-order music, mouthpieces or instruments.

How it Works:  You may try a maximum of three in-stock mouthpieces, one in-stock instrument or $1,000 worth of in-stock music for up to ten days. We'll sell you the item(s) you wish to try as a normal sale. You have the right to return any trial item within ten (10) days of receiving it (see exception below for music). To clarify: the trial counter starts on the day you receive the items. Any items that are to be returned should be on their way back to us no later than the eleventh day, please. Upon arrival back here in our store, we will issue a refund of the purchase price less the outgoing shipping cost, plus any restock fees, clean-up fees or damage assessments (see below). The cost of return shipping is yours—we regret that we cannot provide free return labels for trials.

Mouthpieces:  When we receive your return, we will credit your credit card, less the original shipping charge and a $5 per-item clean-up fee. All mouthpieces should be rinsed out and wiped down prior to return. Woodwind players—please use a patch during the trial to prevent teeth marks. Returned mouthpieces must be free of patches and have no marks whatsoever as a result of the trial. Brass players—please be careful of causing excessive scratching of the shank—please insert and remove the piece carefully during the trial period. For all mouthpieces, boxes must be clean, straight and in resalable condition with all parts and/or accessories included. Please be careful when unwrapping and testing to avoid additional charges. If damage is evident, the loss of value to the mouthpiece will be deducted from your refund.

Instruments:  When we receive your return, we will credit your credit card, less our cost of shipping the instrument to you, plus a 5% restock fee to help offset partially the cost of credit card fees incurred by us at the time of sale and return transactions. There is no clean-up fee unless the instrument is returned in a dirty condition. The instrument must be in exactly the same condition as when it left our store. If new damage is evident, the cost of repairs and/or the loss of value to the instrument will be deducted from your refund. Instruments are shipped to you expertly packed and fully insured, and must be returned in the same manner. Any damage sustained during the return will be your responsibility to rectify.

Music:  We now offer a "Half & Half" program for music trials. Under this program, you may purchase a quantity of music totaling $250 to $1,000, with the right to return up to half of it within a trial period of ten days. Returned music must be neat, clean and unmarked to receive return credit. No copies of any sort whatsoever may be made during the trial period (we have a way of knowing, so don't try it). Credit for returned music will made in the form of a refund to your credit card.

Other Stuff:  We regret that we can not allow trials of CDs, DVDs or software due to copyright issues. Mouth instruments (recorders, harmonicas, etc.) can not be sold on a trial basis for reasons of hygene.

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