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  • Smith, Phil

    Advanced Concert Studies, w/Audio

    This book/CD pack contains the same musical and technical challenges found in the original Concert Studies for Trumpet, only on a more advanced level. Lyricism is a large component of this book, with technical challenges of range, tonguing, intervals, and key signatures abounding. This collection contains music written specifically for Philip Smith, principal trumpet from the New York Philharmonic (we have shown the composer of the book as "Smith" for convenience purposes, though none of the Studies were written by Mr. Smith). Included is a CD of Philip Smith performing each of these studies. 39 pages. Contents:
    •  BARNES: Scherzino
    •  BROUGHTON: Chambers
    •  BULLA: Etude Fantasy
    •  COURT: Declaration
    •  CURNOW: Impulse!
    •  CURNOW: Tangents
    •  EWAZEN: Folk Dance
    •  T. JOHNSON: Attitudes
    •  PASCUZZI: Lyric Piece
    •  SAMPSON: Auburn
    •  SNEDECOR: Street Song
    •  SNEDECOR: Waltz
    •  TURRIN: Coronation Fanfare, for the Millenium of Hungary
    •  TURRIN: Dance Etude
    •  TURRIN: Romance Etude
    •  VIZZUTTI: Crazy Clock
    •  ZWILICH: Spinoff No. 1 & 2

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