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    Lip Slurs - Exercises for Tone & Technique

    Lip Slurs is an 84-page comprehensive supplement for any trombone (or euphonium) player wishing to build technique and improve tone quality. The difficulty ranges from basic to virtuoso. It includes three main sections:

    1. Slow Slurs - To build tone, improve range and develop control.
    2. Fast Slurs - To build facility throughout the range of the instrument.
    3. Lip Slur Melodies - Etudes reminiscent of the Bordogni vocalizes with an interesting twist: all the legato phrases can be played completely with natural lip slurs.

    This is the bible of Lip Slurs. If you ever get bored of your routine, simply get a copy of Brad Edwards' Lip Slur Book and these exercises will last you a lifetime. I have always said that it essential to visit lip slurs everyday you pick up the horn. This is the perfect book to keep you going. --- Joe Alessi, Principal Trombone, New York Philharmonic

    In his book "Lip Slurs," Brad Edwards has taken an important part of the trombone player's daily routine and added clarity to it. His approach is sensible, the exercises are comprehensive and the result is undeniably positive. Kudos to Brad Edwards for this excellent addition to the trombone repertoire; he has brought the concept of the lip slur forward to the post-modern trombonist who may have mistakenly thought that he already understood the subject well enough. ---Douglas Yeo, Bass Trombonist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

    I was really impressed by the insight and organization of your Lip Slurs book. With every page I practiced and played, I was amazed at the variety of patterns that you discovered. Not only is your book a perfect challenge for any serious trombonist, it also allows each one of us the opportunity to excel in this vital technical area of trombone playing. Bravo for this first rate etude book. I predict that Lip Slurs will quickly find its way into the personal libraries of trombonists everywhere. ---Milton Stevens, Principal Trombonist, National Symphony Orchestra

    I looked at your lip slurs book and I think it is fantastic! Very well done. Lots of variety, well laid out, good explanations and the etudes are great - very clever. I intend to recommend them to my students. ---Matt Vaughn, Associate Principal Trombonist, Philadelphia Orchestra

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