Brahms, Johannes (Zimolong) Etudes (12)

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  • Brahms, Johannes (Zimolong)

    Etudes (12) (Zimolong)

    12 original etudes in a variety of keys, tempi and times designed to help improve technique and velocity. Written by Brahms for a fellow chamber musician. -cdp

    Some exercises have repetitive rhythmic ideas, but feature interesting harmonic development and are designed to develop fingering, articulation, and ability to play large intervals at a fast tempo. A few of the exercises are concert etudes with more melodic content allowing the performer to focus upon lyrical playing, such as the Adagio etude which begins with a simple theme and develops into an ornate cadenza. Variety of tempi and styles. Key signatures up to 5 flats or 5 sharps. Meters 3/4,4/4, 3/8, 6/8, 12/8. 19 pages. -pc

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