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    Rhythmic Studies

    Subtitled Articulation Drills and Concert Duets for Developing Rhythmic Technique in Conception and Execution , this advanced study material by award winning arranger and composer Paul Nagle contains drills specific to single, double, and triple tonguing, mixed tonguing exercises, slur articulation, complex rhythms, rhythmic modulation. Duets focus upon pointillism, 6/8 variants, duplets and triplets, fives, meter changes, rhythmic modulations, and more. 40 pages. -pc

    All of the drills have been written with a minimum of accidentals and with simple intervallic sequences to allow for maximum concentration of the rhythmic and articulation problems. Contains over 40 drills and eight duets. The duets can also be played by trumpet and trombone by using the identical duets in "Rhythmic Studies for Trombone." -the composer

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