Arban, Jean-Baptiste (Goodwin) Selected Studies & Scales

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  • Arban, Jean-Baptiste (Goodwin)

    Selected Studies & Scales (Goodwin)

    The Arban Method has been a staple for cornetists, trumpeters, and trombonists for generations. Dr. Wade Goodwin has now compiled, arranged, and edited Selected Studies and Scales for Bass Trombone or Tuba from the famous method book. He has taken many of the most relevant and transposed them into different keys to maximize the effectiveness of the most valuable studies. For tubists, some of these may be more appropriate on F tuba. The range goes from very low double pedal D-flat to a high C (C5) an octave above middle C (C4) on the piano. This edition contains over 139 pages of the best exercises and is sure to improve the technique of the performer. This method book is appropriate for intermediate to advanced performers. -the publisher

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