Bollinger, Blair Valve Technique for Bass Trombone

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  • Bollinger, Blair

    Valve Technique for Bass Trombone

    Subtitled "You've Got TWO Valves, Use BOTH," this book has been needed in the bass trombone world ever since the development and widespread use of the independent valve system. Blair Bollinger here lays out 91 pages of exercises and sage advice about [finally] putting that second valve to the most efficiant use possible. Perhaps the most important thing to understand here is that Bollinger is advocating the use of the second valve by itself, as well as in combination with the first valve. Most bookson bass trombone technique omit this obvious yet incredibly important issue. Although the book advocates for the less popular "Bb/F/G/Eb" tuning, the etudes still work well for the more prevalent "Bb/F/Gb/D" tuning. If you are a bass trombonist, and youdo not routinely use your second valve MORE than your first, then you should check out this book. Your skill on the instrument can only improve. For instruments with two independent valves. -cdp

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