Salvo, Victor Double & Triple Tonguing Exercises (240)

Trumpet Studies & Etudes

  • Salvo, Victor

    Double & Triple Tonguing Exercises (240)

    Subtitled An Introduction to the Art of Double and Triple Tonguing. This book is designed for the student who is just beginning to double or triple tongue and contains enough material for at least two years work. Some students may take much more time, for the speed of progress will depend on the student's background, age and ability level. The range of this book is well within the ability level of young brass players. Each exercise was written so that it does not go too high or low too soon. Exercises are arranged in progressive order. All of them (the exercises) are fairly short. 36 pages. -the composer.

    Composer Victor V. Salvo includes helpful instructions placed throughout the book to guide the student. 36 pages. -pc

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