Pederson, Tommy Advanced Etudes - 15 Original Etudes

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  • Pederson, Tommy

    Advanced Etudes - 15 Original Etudes

    Tommy Pederson is well known in the trombone world as an extraordinary composer of great wit and humor, as well as one of supreme musical ability. He was a prolific writer of music for trombone, from solos thru to large ensemble. Precious little of his work has been published or is still available. These 15 original etudes may well push the better player to a place they may not have otherwise attained. Reproduced in the composer's hand manuscript. --cdp

    "A really good athlete must get into shape, and he/she must stay in shape! The same holds true for a good trombone player. These etudes were designed for just that purpose and more: the exquisite self-satisfaction derived from playing them. They are tricky and they are difficult, but not too tricky, or too difficult. Here's a chance to brush up on tenor and bass clef reading; flexibilities; tonguing (double & triple); pretty ballads; a jazz waltz; a slow blues that really moves; a smattering of dramatic climaxes; and just about anything else one needs in today's wonderful world of music." --Tommy Pederson

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