Blazhevich, Vladislav (Fink) Advanced Musical Etudes [in Bass Clef]

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  • Blazhevich, Vladislav (Fink)

    Advanced Musical Etudes [in Bass Clef] (Fink)

    The "all bass clef" version of the Blazhevich etudes that was out of print for many years, now back in print due to popular demand with the blessing of the Blazhevich estate. This book contains all 112 etudes as found in the original Blazhevich Schoolfor Trombone in Clefs (our number 058966), with the following important differences:
    • Bass Clef Only. In this volume, all etudes are 100% in bass clef only. There are no clef changes, so the student can concentrate on the musical content of the etude without being concerned about reading clefs.
    • Dynamics & Articulations. Mr. Fink has added editorial dynamics and articulations that are not Blazhevich's own. Blazhevich included no dynamics or articulations in his edition. These function as a further aid as they help the student to shape the etudes into something more musical than might otherwise be the case.
    • Tempi. In the original volume, Blazhevich included a number of textual tempo markings on some of etudes (ex. "Moderato," "Poco Meno Mosso," etc.). This edition includes textual tempo markings as well as metronome markings for every etude, further giving guidance to the student.
    • Subdivision Advice. In some cases, Mr. Fink has indicated the subdivision to use in certain time signatures (ex. etude 101's Time signature is 11/4. Fink suggests 2+2+2+2+3).
    • Scales. Ths volume does not contain the scale and arpeggio exercises interspersed in the original book (ex: as found between etudes 34 and 35).
    • Setup. This volume does not contain the setup exercises found on pages 1 through 16 of the original edition.

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