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Trombone Studies & Etudes

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    Daily Drills & Technical Studies - TROMBONE

    One of the most popular and important technical study books in the repertoire. Contains 193 exercises and etudes divided into five main categories: (1) Long Tones, (2) Intervals, (3) Chords, (4) Scales, (5) Technical Etudes. Many of the exercises are short—one to five lines, though some are almost a page in length. Their brevity allows complete focus on the issue at hand. Keys are various, though most are set within three clicks of C. Bass clef throughout. The drills and etudes contained here are of the most fundamental variety, and any player correctly employing them in their daily practice cannot help but to improve. As the title indicates, the book is best used as a resource for daily warm-up and routine workouts. 72 pages. --cdp

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