Edwards, Brad Vignettes (60) - Little Character Pieces in Varied Keys

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  • Edwards, Brad

    Vignettes (60) - Little Character Pieces in Varied Keys

    Brad Edwards' 60 Vignettes is an etude collection suitable for players of all ages and ability levels, from players who've played for a few years to those who've played for a few decades. These brief but comprehensive etudes are designed to fit into any player's practice routine. Each etude is short, a half page and usually around 16 measures. Each is usually presented in three contrasting keys: a starting key, again up a second, and then again a third time but down a third. The styles alternate betweenlegato and detached, so you have a nice mix of "pirate songs" and "love songs" all the way through the book. And on another level, each pair of etudes alternates between major and minor for even more variety. The etudes themselves are somewhat progressive in difficulty, but no overly so—most players could start anywhere in the book without being overwhelmed. The composer includes a table of keys, and a table of styles at the beginning of the book to help players locate etudes in areas upon which they would like to focus. And true to the composer's background, the book contains an introductory section discussing some of the pedagogical goals and concepts in the book, from general practice advice to specifics on how to approach certain passages. Additional advice is included by teachers and freelancers Sean Reusch and Amy Bowers. -cdp

    106 pages. spiral bound.

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