Bartok, Bela (Hopkins) Mikrokosmos, v.2

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  • Bartok, Bela (Hopkins)

    Mikrokosmos, v.2 (Hopkins)

    Bela Bartok's (1881-1945) major contribution to piano pedagogy, Mikrokosmos, was originally intended as a series of studies for his son, similar to those J.S. Bach and Leopold Mozart wrote for their own children. A cornerstone of piano pedagogy today, this series of 153 pieces (published in six volumes) offers a more challenging approach than most beginner books. The works evolve in progressive order, developing technique and musicianship hand-in-hand. Newly engraved and edited, this clear and easy-to-read edition contains an introduction and teaching suggestions to help guide the student through the idiosyncrasies of the exercises. Mikrokosmos is not only a wonderful introduction to piano technique, but to the aesthetic style of the composer as well. It is a perfect modern primer for piano students. -the publisher
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