Various (Lewin) Unaccompanied Pieces (22)

Saxophone Solo Collections - Unaccompanied

  • Various (Lewin)

    Unaccompanied Pieces (22) (Lewin)

    For solo alto, tenor, or bari (or soprano, sopranino, piccolo, bass, contrabass...) saxophone. Includes:
    &bul;  ANONYMOUS Chouconne (Caribbean Song)
    &bul;  ANONYMOUS El Vito
    &bul;  ANONYMOUS Nana & El Pano
    &bul;  BACH Gavotte
    &bul;  DALL'ABACO Passapied
    &bul;  HANDEL Bourree
    &bul;  LANGE Vintage Dance
    &bul;  LEWIN Coast Road
    &bul;  LEWIN Golden Sands
    &bul;  LEWIN Hawk Gets Bird
    &bul;  MERKEL Jolly Huntsman
    &bul;  MUSSORGSKY A Tear
    &bul;  PAGANINI Introduction & Theme on Witches Dance
    &bul;  ROSSINI Aria from Barber of Seville
    &bul;  TARTINI Sarabande
    &bul;  TELEMANN Gavotte
    &bul;  TRADITIONAL ENGLISH Golden Vanity
    &bul;  TRADITIONAL ISRAELI Pretty Bride
    &bul;  TRADITIONAL ISRAELI Shalom Alechum
    &bul;  TRADITIONAL ISRAELI Havu ez Lataish
    &bul;  TRADITIONAL SCOTTISH Master Erskine's Hornpipe
    &bul;  TRADITIONAL SCOTTISH Roslin Castle

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