Lalo, Edouard (Jost/Umbreit/Schiff) Concerto in Dm

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  • Lalo, Edouard (Jost/Umbreit/Schiff)

    Concerto in Dm (Jost/Umbreit/Schiff)

    G. Henle urtext edition. Edited by Peter Jost. Piano reduction by Johannes Umbreit. Cello fingering by Heinrich Schiff. Originally, Lalo was meant to follow an officer's career but his musical talent soon became apparent and so he decided to become a musician. Every cellist is familiar with his Cello Concerto in d minor which is just as spirited as his "Symphonie espagnole". Many renowned virtuosi, from Julius Klengel to Leonard Rose, have published their own editions of the concerto. Our Urtext edition distances itself from all of the additions made by other editors, but it offers both an unmarked part and one with fingerings and bowings by the famous cellist Heinrich Schiff. Parallel to this piano reduction, Breitkopf & Hartel is publishing a score, pocket score and orchestral material.
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