Various (Strommen) Melodious Duets (15)

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  • Various (Strommen)

    Melodious Duets (15) (Strommen) [101.00 - trumpet & trombone]

    Featuring an array of 15 classics for grade 3-4 players, the musical selections have been carefully chosen and edited to ensure that it is idiomatic for each pair of instruments. Therefore, one book will not be compatible with any other in the series.

    Fanfare (Strommen); Gavotte (Boyce); The Huntsmen's Chorus (Weber); Sonatina (Hook); Kerry Dance (Irish folk song); March (Mozart); Tum Balalaika (Easter-European folk song); Variations On Reverie (Tschaikowsky); Slangpolska (Swedish folk song); Plaisir D'Amour (Martini); Selections From Carmen (Bizet); Mazurka (Chopin); Cradle Song (Kullak); Barn Dance (Strommen); Rondo (Mozart)

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