Meeboer, Ryan Mission: Secret

Woodwind Quintets

  • Meeboer, Ryan

    Mission: Secret [interchangeable woodwind ens]

    "Mission: Secret" is a classic spy tune written using a 12-bar blues form. It mostly comprises of a catchy bass line riff with a simple, sustained melody over top. Although short solos are written in a couple of the parts, these may also be improvised using an C concert blues scale (C - E-flat - F - F-sharp - G - B-flat). Super Spy! -the publisher

    These Interchangeable Wind Ensemble sets are typically scored in five parts, with parts provided as follows:
    •  Part 1 - flute, oboe or clarinet
    •  Part 2 - flute, oboe or clarinet
    •  Part 3 - clarinet, alto sax or horn
    •  Part 4 - clarinet or tenor saxophone
    •  Part 5 - bass clarinet, bassoon or bari sax

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    • Grade/Level: Grade 3 - Early Intermediate
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