Gottschalk, Louis (Renshaw) Souvenir de Porto Rico

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  • Gottschalk, Louis (Renshaw)

    Souvenir de Porto Rico (Renshaw) [3E+3T]

    Romantic. Transcription of a work originally for solo piano. Arranger Gretchen Renshaw says, "Piano prodigy and composer Louis Gottschalk struggled to gain acceptance in Western music due to his American heritage. However, through extensive traveling andperforming, he became the first North American to earn an international reputation as a pianist and composer. Gottschalk's travels took him to Puerto Rico in 1857-58, where he became inspired by the music he heard there. This inspiration led to Souvenir de Porto Rico, a virtuosic character piece originally written for piano. The piece features two themes - one in march style, the other lyrical - and Gottschalk subjects these themes to a series of variations which he arranges in an arch form... Arranged here for tuba-euphonium ensemble, this exciting work will challenge players technically and stylistically as they work to find Gottschalk's Puerto Rican groove."

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