Bruch, Max (Geren) Ave Maria

  • Bruch, Max (Geren)

    Ave Maria (Geren) [solo tuba & trombone ensemble]

    Romantic. Transcription for solo tuba and 4-part divisi trombone ensemble (5 parts total needing 9 players) of a work originally for cello & orchestra. The trombone ensemble is essntially a quartet with a number of divisi sections. As such it is probablybest performed with a trombone octet. Written for Aaron Tindall and the Ithaca College Trombone Troupe. -cdp

    Max Bruch's 'Ave Maria', Op.61 for Cello & Orchestra (composed/published in 1892) was based off an earlier motif presented in Bruch's dramatic cantata, 'Das Feuerkreuz', Op.52 (The Fiery Cross) for Soprano. The edition with Trombone Choir was produced for Dr. Aaron Tindall and the Ithaca College Trombone Troupe whom premiered it at the Northeast Regional Tuba & Euphonium Conference (NERTEC), hosted at Ithaca College in 2013. The extensive melodic passages and Bruch's unique harmonic language will challenge the performer to maintain an emotional dialogue with the audience. 'Ave Maria' is a truly masterful work by the composer. -the publisher

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