Michel, Jean-Francois Jubilee Fanfare I

Brass Quintets

  • Michel, Jean-Francois

    Jubilee Fanfare I [211.01]

    21st Century (2014). For Bb or C trumpets. Includes sub parts for trombone (as euphonium) and tuba (as bass trombone). -cdp

    The Jubilee Fanfare I, II, and III, by Jean-Fran‡ois Michel are based on common musical themes adapted for three instrumental combinations:
    •  Jubilee Fanfare I for brass quintet.
    •  Jubilee Fanfare II for a symphonic brass section (444.01 plus timpani and percussion).
    •  Jubilee Fanfare III for brass septet (223.00 or 222.01, timpani and percussion.
    As the titles suggest, these three versions offer a specific ceremonial role for which Jean-Fran‡ois Michel has created a festive, celebratory, musical sound. -the publisher

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