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    Hydra [211.01]

    20th Century (2000). Hydra is a programmatic work based on the ancient Greek myth, Hercules. As a penance for grisly crimes he committed while overcome by a supernatural force, Hercules was given twelve difficult and almost impossible tasks to complete.His second task was to find and kill the Hydra, a water serpent with nine heads.

    The music begins with a slithering sensation depicting Hercules’ quest for the Hydra. Once he found the Hydra, a horrific fight ensued. Hercules began swinging his sword desperately. However, each time he chopped off a head with his sword, two heads grew back in its place. The fight went on for a lengthy period of time. The music progressively becomes more erratic and raucous as the fight intensifies.

    Victory was finally achieved when Hercules used a burning brand to sear the necks as he cut each head off. -the publisher

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