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    Il Ritorno [212.00]

    21st Century. A major work in three movements entitled: Prelude and Marches; Song and Lullaby; Processions at Tivoli. This is a virtuosic work for brass quintet. Dennis is a well known New York composer whose works have been widely performed. This is in the American Brass Quintet Series. 2 trumpets in C, horn, tenor and bass trombones. Trumpets, French horn, and trombone require straight mutes. Bass trombone requires cup mute. French horn has many "stopped" passages. Duration is ca. 13:00.

    After an opening burst of energy, the first movement proper begins with an evocation of quasi-improvised bagpipe music. The following march-like sections are my response to Italian street-band sounds. The material of the second movement is partially derived from two Sicilian folk songs. One, Li Carciri is about life in prison. The other Nina Nana Malandrineddu is a mother's plea to her infant son to grow up and avenge the murder of his father. The third movement alternates between more street-band music, bits of folk song, and a quote from a Monteverdi vocal/instrumental work, Tempro la cetra. The piece ends with the fanfare which opens the first movement. - the composer.

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