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    Chace Music - Funfare for a President [211.01]

    20th Century. Chace Music was commissioned by Brass Ring for a concert in celebration of the inauguration of William Chace as the 14th President of Wesleyan University. Chace is a scholar of the writings of James Joyce. Funfare for a President is an amusing piece that quotes twelve of the more famous tunes mentioned throughout Joyce's writings, specifically: Finnegan's Wake; Love's Old Sweet Song; Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye; La Cidarem La Mano; Ballyhooley; On Coronation Day; See The Conquering Hero Comes; Come Into The Garden, Maude; The Wearin' Of The Green; The Night Before Larry Was Stretched; The Rocky Road To Dublin; Phil, the Fluter's Ball.

    This is the first and probably the last example of the composer's revolutionary "twelve tune technique." This amusing work is mostly in 6/8 and contains octave jumps in the French horn, glissandos, humorous melodies, and instructions such as "play extremely coarse and awkward." Trumpets and trombone require straight mutes, French horn plays some stopped horn passages, trombone plays frequently in tenor clef. -pc

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