Frackenpohl, Arthur Pop Suite

Brass Quintets

  • Frackenpohl, Arthur

    Pop Suite [211.01]

    20th Century. American composer. Three original movements entitled: Rock; Refrain; Rag. First movement is a driving rock (quarter note equals 144). It begins with an extended tuba solo which leads to other brief solos throughout the ensemble, powerful rhythmic ensemble statements, a few quick tonguing passages and some high first trumpet playing up to high D above the staff. Refrain is a contrasting slow movement and provides solo opportunities for the second trumpet, French horn, trombone andespecially the first trumpet which closes the movement with a free cadenza. The Ragtime movement has fingering and rhythmic challenges throughout and features a humorous solo line ascending through the lower voices, descending back down, up again all theway through the upper voices, back down again and back up AGAIN before heading back to the trio section! Trombone occasionally plays in tenor clef. Duration is approx 7:30 minutes. Score & parts. -pc

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