Speer, Daniel (Miller) Sonatas (2)

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  • Speer, Daniel (Miller)

    Sonatas (2) (Miller) [203.00 or 212.00]

    Renaissance. Daniel Speer, 1636-1707, who is perhaps better known today for his Sonata for Four Trombones, was a writer of many works for instrumental ensemble. These two Sonatas, taken from Das Erbe deutscher Music, v.14, have been set and edited for the moden brass quintet by Donald Miller. The preferred instrumentation is 203.00, but there is a horn substitute part to make the ensemble 213.00. Tuba could perform the bottom part instead of trombone. The two trumpets parts are in C, and have a combined range of F1 to A2. The first trombone part stays above the staff for both pieces, but never exceeds high A. The third trombone requires a trigger for only two notes (low Ds). Score & parts. -cdp

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