Gabrieli, Giovanni (Winter) Canzona Duodecimi Toni No 3 (1597), Ch.179 - PARTS

10-Part Brass Choirs (Dectet)

  • Gabrieli, Giovanni (Winter)

    Canzona Duodecimi Toni No 3 (1597), Ch.179 - PARTS (Winter) [703.00, 523.00 or 505.00]

    Renaissance. For 10 instruments in 2 choirs. Opening motif is Sol Sol-Sol La-Sol-La-Do Si La Sol. Score is in concert pitch and uses the clefs TTTTB-TLLBB (T=treble, L=low treble). This work pairs mostly high brass in one choir against lower brass in thesecond. Choir 1 clefs are TTTTB, and Choir 2 clefs are TLLBB. The "L" parts are in low or octave treble clef—written in treble clef but intended to sound and octave lower. These L parts would be ideally performed on horn or trombone. From the collection Sacrae Symphoniae of 1597. For a matching score, see item 057081.

    NOTE: This edition is titled as "Canzone No 10 (X. Canzone)" This due to its location in the volume Sacrae Symphoniae. The more commonly accepted title is Canzona Duodecimi Toni No 3, and that is what we are using here in the Hickeys catalog. It is the *third* "Canzona Duodecimi Toni" in the Sacrae Symphoniae, but the *tenth* work entitled "Canzona" overall, hence the title confusion. -cdp

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