Michel, Jean-Francois Petite Suite

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Michel, Jean-Francois

    Petite Suite

    This varied and amusing Petite Suite [Little Suite] will enchant both performers and audiences.

    1. Parade: a short entry introduces a generic theme. The subsequent second part, more technical and rhythmic, concludes with a suddenly interrupted accelerando, followed by a brief recall of the generic theme, which functions as a coda.
    2. Berceuse: a soft song that challenges the expressive abilities of the performers.
    3. Marche: a lively and spirited finale in a swinging 6/8 meter.
    Each of the above movements can be performed separately. This piece is for good beginners. For many, it can represent a first piece with a duration that challenges their talents and abilities. -the publisher

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