Tamberg, Eino Concerto, op 42

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Tamberg, Eino

    Concerto, op 42 [Bb & C solo parts included]

    20th Century. Composed in 1972, this virtuosic concerto opens in a striking manner with trumpet alone playing the interval of a minor 9th. The back and forth shifts from loud to suddenly soft dynamics throughout the introduction creates a distinctive echo effect. The outer movements are intense and feature short, quick moving melodic fragments that develop into more continuous technical passages. Double tonguing, challenging high register passages above the staff (up to high Eb on Bb trumpet), disjunct melodies, flutter tonguing, trills, and glissandi provide ample challenges for the performer. Middle movement is marked "Lento", is written in compound meters, and requires a straight mute. -pc

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