Friedman, Stanley Variations on a Limited Pitch Field

Trumpet Solos - Unaccompanied

  • Friedman, Stanley

    Variations on a Limited Pitch Field

    21st Century. American composer. 6 Concert Variations. A variety of virtuosic etudes which incorporate asymmetrical meters, changing meters, complex rhythmic combinations, wide intervals, tremolos, sudden dynamic changes, limited pitch fields, and repeated motives which give cohesion to each etude. Each etude is one or two pages in length and is typically energetic and fast. The contrasting Adagietto is quite free and offers the performer a chance to explore expressive lyrical playing with Friedman's unique rhythmic and harmonic approach. Stanley Friedman notes that each etude can be played with a unique combination of fingerings (optional). These fingerings are indicated at the top of each etude. Duration: 9:30 minutes. -pc

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