Various (Rogers/HL CLarke/Smith, et al) Scubert Brass Quartettes (1885)

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  • Various (Rogers/HL CLarke/Smith, et al)

    Scubert Brass Quartettes (1885) (Rogers/HL CLarke/Smith, et al) [211.00]

    A unique collection of 25 works (none composed by Schubert), as performed by the Schubert Quartette in the late 1800's. The Schubert Quartette was comprised of Walter B Rogers, Herbert L Clarke (cornets), Ernest Clarke (Eb alto horn) and Edwin Clarke (trombone). This collection reproduces the 25 works that were found to be complete from the original collection now held by the HL Clarke Library. Includes score and parts for 2 trumpets, (french) horn in F, & (tenor) trombone. Contents:
    •  ROGERS: Schubert Quartette
    •  PINSUTI: Goodnight Beloved
    •  HOWARD: I'll Await My Love
    •  ANONYMOUS: Prayer - Neath the Palms
    •  RHEINBERGER: Night Song
    •  PINSUTI: Spring Song
    •  PINSUTI: Autumn Song
    •  DANBY: Awake
    •  ANONYMOUS: Farewell
    •  TAYLOR: John Anderson, My Jo
    •  MENDELSSOHN: On the Sea
    •  BARNBY: Silent Night
    •  MENDELSSOHN: Farewell to the Forest
    •  SPOFFORTH: Hail Smiling Morn!
    •  ANONYMOUS: Last Rose of Summer
    •  REAY: See the Rivers Flowing
    •  FRANZ: In the Heavenly Love
    •  CELLIER: Pack Clouds Away
    •  MASON: Building on the Sand
    •  SCOTT-GATTY: Oh Fair Dove
    •  CLARKE: The Calabrian Bagpipe
    •  SMART: By the Blue Sea
    •  CLARKE: Governor Morten's Funeral March
    •  THOMPSON: Come Where the Lilies Bloom
    •  JAKOBOWSKI: Goodnight, from Erminie
    •  WAGNER: Chorus, from Tannhauser
    •  DOPPLER: Das Waldvoglein
    •  CLARKE: Religioso

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