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  • Warlock, Peter (Kagarice)

    Capriol Suite (Kagarice)

    Capriol Suite is an original six movement work based on Renaissance dances compiled by Thoinot Arbeau (a.k.a. Jehan Tabourot), a 16th Century cleric. His volume, entitled Orch‚sographie, was a study of French social dances common during his time. CapriolSuite was originally written for piano duet, and was later transcribed by the composer for strings. In this edition, Vern Kagarice has re-set the work for trombone quartet or four-part trombone choir. The six dance movements are:

      1. Basse Danse - a dignified, triple meter dance, here felt in a moderate one.
      2. Pavane - a processional dance that prominently features a repeated rhythm.
      3. Tordion - lively and light, the when danced features a tordre, or twisting motion.
      4. Bransles - a quick tempo group dance, here in a quick two feel.
      5. Pieds en l'air - literally "feet in the air," a dance move in a galliard, a stately dance.
      6. Mattachins - a sword dance, aggressive and up-tempo.

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