Michel, Jean-Francois Petite Suite

Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Michel, Jean-Francois

    Petite Suite

    21st Century (2014). Jean-Fran‡ois Michel wrote this Petite Suite [Little Suite] with the intention of stimulating the musical imagination of the aspiring trombonist, with inspiring subtitles, where the music encourages some elementary ludic approaches to special effects like glissandi, mutes or blowing air through the instrument. The three pieces (1. Caravane [Caravan] 2. Le Cygne [The Swan] 3. Carrousel [Carousel]) included in this Petite Suite nevertheless require rhythmic stability and flexibility in order for the musical phrases to have musical sense and expression. The interactive dialog with the piano has not been neglected, and it should engender a sense of musical complicity, the pleasure to play and... to be heard. The Petite Suite (1. Parade 2. Berceuse [Lullaby] 3. Marche [March]) for B-flat trumpet (cornet or flugelhorn) and piano (BIM TP343), also by Jean-Fran‡ois Michel, is directed towards the same pedagogical level, with the same goals in mind. -the publisher

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