Colomer, Juan Fierabrass

11-Part Brass Choirs (Undectet)

  • Colomer, Juan

    Fierabrass [433.01]

    21st Century (2003). "Fierabrass" is inspired by the adventures of Don Quixote, and the title of the piece is taken from an episode in which he is given a placebo called the "Fierabras potion" In a play of words, I added the last "s" so as to make it a compound word from "Fiera (fierce)" and Brass. It has a free structure, divided in 3 movements which, in a very capricious way, emulate different moments in the life of our main character, such as Battle, Procession and Madness. Although it places him indifferent situations, it is loosely based on specific episodes of the book, in fact those situations are sometimes product of my own imagination, as I would envision Don Quixote being confronted to them. -Juan J Colomer

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