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    Music for Bass Trombone

    Subtitled, "A Reference Book of Works for Solo Bass Trombone with Orchestra, Band & Chamber Ensemble." Clinton F. Nieweg, Principal Librarian (retired) of The Philadelphia Orchestra has created a new publication of great interest for both the bass trombone world, and also for music libraries. Part 1 is labeled "Compositions with Orchestra, 2nd edition (revised and expanded)." This is a replacement for the previous standalone work published by Kagarice Brass Editions (as KX003, our number 080534). Part 2 is new, entitled "Compositions with Band" and is new in this edition.

    A first of its kind reference book cataloging more than 600 compositions from 400 composers comprising works for solo bass trombone with orchestra, string orchestra, concert band, brass band, and chamber ensemble. Its 200+ pages include detailed publisher sources, instrumentation, recording information, timings, links to performances online, composer dates, and reference sources. Also included is a foreword by Douglas Yeo, bass trombonist (retired) of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. This work is a must have for university & college pedagogues, serious students of the bass trombone and music libraries. -the publisher/cdp

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