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    Horn Player's Songbook

    The Horn Player's Songbook by Rose French is appropriate for horn players at all levels. It is a means for improving accuracy, phrasing, intonation, and musicality. By using familiar melodies, The Songbook connects your singing voice to your horn playingso you can begin to sing through your instrument with a sense of musical beauty, tone, and expression. It is perfect for young hornists who need help with accuracy, and older players who would like to practice transposition. Regardless of how this book is used, it is sure to provide hornists with plenty of musical challenges playing great music familiar to all! -the publisher

    "Grounded not only in practical experience but also in principles of education theory, the songs in this volume offer useful opportunities to sing through the horn. As we know from symphonies, movie soundtracks, concertos, operas, and solos, the horn is at its best when given a beautiful, lyrical solo. Playing and singing songs like these are the first step toward playing those solos ourselves. Sing and Enjoy!" _ Jeffrey Snedeker, Professor of Music, Central Washington University and Past President, International Horn Society

    24 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand

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