Kempton, Jeremy Niles Chorale Fanfare

Brass Quartets w/Organ

  • Kempton, Jeremy Niles

    Chorale Fanfare [211.00 w/organ]

    21st Century (2014). Chorale Fanfare opens with a stirring fanfare section. This is followed by the the composer's original chorale melody which is true in style to the traditional chorales of J.S. Bach and so many others of the Reformation era. The chorale is presented in the organ, at first just the unadorned melody with each phrase adding more harmonic lines. Then it is richly voiced in four parts for the brass players. The fanfare motifs return and build to a glorious conclusion. The 3 minute work is designed for moderately advanced players and is ideal for festive occasions in the resonant space of a church or cathedral. -the publisher

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