Bartok, Bela (Martino) Allegro Barbaro

Brass Quintets

  • Bartok, Bela (Martino)

    Allegro Barbaro (Martino) [211.01]

    20th Century. Important early Bartok piano solo here transcribed for brass quintet. This exciting work is built on an incessant "boom-chick" rhythm in a brisk 2/4 time. Short melodic fragments are passed around the upper voices. Dynamics play a key role in creating tension and surprise with unexpected outbursts. A rapid ascending double tonguing passage is passed through the entire ensemble and brings the work to an intense climax which quietly fades to the initial "boom-chick" rhythm and then 2 unexpected loud chords. Score sample pages. -pc

    (score & trumpet 1 part sample pages)

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