Stephenson, James Storyteller, The - In Memoriam Adolph Herseth

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  • Stephenson, James

    Storyteller, The - In Memoriam Adolph Herseth

    21st Century (2013). For trumpet in C, violin, piano & offstage trumpet in C (both the offstage trumpet and the violin can be optional). Bud Herseth died on April 13, 2013. I don’t play trumpet anymore, but I had a chance to do something for Bud, to compose a piece in his memory. I was already commissioned to write a new work for that year’s ITG (International Trumpet Guild) conference, but I hadn’t started yet, when the news of Bud’s passing came.Through many phone calls, texts, emails, etc, Rich Stoelzel and I finally arrived at a point where we could announce that Chris Martin – the current principal trumpet of the Chicago Symphony – would premiere a new work written, dedicated to Bud, and could open up Barbara Butler’s recital (Barb was one ofChris’s teachers when he went to Eastman). Chris was fantastic. Everyone was fantastic and so giving. Chris immediately was on board with this, agreeing to drive over to Grand Rapids right after a CSO concert to present the piece, and to drive home immediately afterward to play yet another CSO concert.

    The Storyteller comes from an article written about Bud – an article I recall reading while a teenager. It described how Bud didn’t just play the trumpet, he told a story with every note he played. I endeavored, through the course of this piece, to tell the story of Bud the best I could.There are subtle references to many of the famous orchestral trumpet excerpts that I listened to him play the most. Of course, the aforementioned tear-jerker is saved for the end, with a solo offstage trumpet hearkening – as if Bud himself – one last time. -Jim Stephenson

    (solo & piano score sample pages)

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