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Hickey’s Music Center
The Trombone Catalog

Sheet Music, Instruments, Performance Accessories
& Recordings for the Trombonist
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Alto Trombone

Alto Studies
Alto Excerpts
Alto Alone
Alto w/Piano
Alto w/Organ
Alto w/Orchestra
Alto in Chamber Music

Tenor Trombone

Junior Methods
Studies & Etudes
Orchestral Excerpt Books
Orchestral Excerpt CD-ROMs
Orchestral Parts

Books About Trombone
Brass Textbooks

Unaccompanied Solos
Solos with Piano
Solos with Organ
Solos with Brass
Solos with Percussion
Solos with Electronics
Solos with Harp
Solos with Band
Solos with Orchestra
Accompaniment CDs

Tenor Solo Collections:
  Unaccompanied Collections
  Collections w/CD (Minus 1)
  Collections with Piano
  Pop & Rock Collections
  Show & Movie Collections
  Jazz Collections
  Christmas Collections
  Sacred Collections
  Solo Collections - ALL

Trombone in Chamber Music

Bass Trombone

Methods & Studies
Orchestral Excerpts
Orchestral Parts
Duets & Ensembles
Books About Trombone
Brass Textbooks

Unaccompanied Solos
Solos with Piano
Solos with Organ
Solos with Brass
Solos with Band
Solos with Orchestra
Solos with Jazz Band
Solos with Percussion
Solos with Electronics

Bass in Chamber Music


Trombone CDs - All
  Alto/Tenor Soloists
  Jazz Trombone
  Bass Soloists
  Trombone Ensembles
Music Minus One
Accompaniment CDs
Trombone Ensembles

Trombone Duets
Trombone Trios
Trombone Quartets
Trombone 4tets w/Piano
Trombone 4tets w/Organ
Trombone 4tets w/Percussion
Trombone Quintets
Trombone Sextets
Trombone Septets
Trombone Octets
Trombone Nonets
10 Trombones (Dectets)
11 Trombones
12 Trombones (Duodectets)
13 Trombones
14 Trombones
15 Trombones
16 Trombones
18 Trombones

Bass Trombone Ensembles

Bones N Rhythm

4 Trombones w/Rhythm
5 Trombones w/Rhythm
6 Trombones w/Rhythm
7 Trombones w/Rhythm
8 Trombones w/Rhythm
10 Trombones w/Rhythm
12 Trombones w/Rhythm

Brass Ensembles

Horn Band Scores

Brass Duos
Brass Duos w/Piano
Brass Duos w/Organ
Brass Trios
Brass Trios w/Piano
Brass Quartets
Brass Quartets w/Piano
Brass Quartets w/Organ
Brass Quartets w/Percussion
Brass Quartets w/Organ & Perc
Brass Quartets w/Rhythm
Brass Quintets
Brass Quintets w/Piano
Brass Quintets w/Organ
Brass Quintets w/Percussion
Brass Quintets w/Organ & Perc
Brass Quintets w/Rhythm
Brass Quintets w/Band
Brass Quintets w/Orchestra
Brass Quintets-CB Series
Brass Sextets
Brass Septets
Brass Octets
Brass Octets w/Organ
Brass Octets w/Percussion
Brass Octets w/Organ & Perc
Brass Choirs
Brass Choirs w/Organ
Brass Choirs w/Percussion
Brass Choirs w/Organ & Perc

Jazz Materials

Jamey Aebersold Play-Alongs
Hal Leonard Play-Alongs
Other Play-Alongs

Jazz Studies
Jazz Collections - tbone
Jazz Collections - bass clef

Jazz Combos
Dixieland Combos

Klezmer Combos
German Band Combos
Mariachi Combos
World Music Combos

Jazz Trombone CDs


Tenor Mouthpieces
Bass Mouthpieces
Tenor/Alto Mutes
Bass Mutes
Mute Bags
Tenor/Alto Cases & Bags
Bass Cases & Bags
Leather Guards & Grips
Trombone Stands
Trombone Lyres
Trombone Slide Lubes
Valve & Tuning Slide Lubes
Trombone Cleaning
Brass Cleaning
Replacement Parts
Other Tenor Accessories
Other Bass Accessories

General Accessories

Breathing Aids
Digital Recorders
Music Stands
Music Stand Lights
Manuscript Paper
Music Folders
Conducting Batons
Hearing Protection

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Soprano Trombones
 Alto Trombones
  Tenor Trombones
   Bass Trombones

Bach Altos & Tenors
Bach Bass Trombones
   Bach Trombone Info
Conn Altos & Tenors
Conn Basses
   Conn Trombone Info
Courtois Altos & Tenors
Courtois Basses
   Courtois Trombone Info
Eastman Tenors
Edwards Tenor
Getzen Tenors
Getzen Basses
Holton Tenors
Holton Basses
King Trombones
   King Trombone Info

Auditions &

ITF—Solo & Ensembles
American Trombone Workshop

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ITA Homepage
Online Trombone Journal
Eastern Trombone Workshop
Southeastern Trombone Symposium
Doug Yeo Page
Trombone Page of the World

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Ithaca College Textbooks

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