Brubeck, David W. Stereograms - Rhythmic Etudes, v.1

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  • Brubeck, David W.

    Stereograms - Rhythmic Etudes, v.1

    A visual "stereogram" represents a 3-D image while looking though a pair of 2-D images. There are special viewers that are used to give this effect where two images viewed through the special device can give a 3-D or stereographic effect. Brubeck's "Stereograms for Bass Clef Instruments" are musical versions of the graphic form. Brubeck uses familiar folk melodies to create his "Stereograms" and adds jazzy twists to many of them. The musical version may contain two or three individual parts within a single melodic line, thus the musical 3-D Stereogram is created. One day while listening to Bobby's McFerrin, Brubeck had a musical epiphany. This could work for instrumentalists! Bach's unaccompanied works have underlying multiple parts in them and Brubeck has been inspired by the Master to create a similar texture in these works. They are suitable encore pieces or performance pieces, alone or grouped into ad hoc suites.

    Brubeck's music requires rhythmic accuracy and multiple tonal colors, and are especially useful as sight reading tools to keep the performer sharp and on his/her toes. He has also added octave suggestions to allow them to be playable by the widest array of bass clef instruments. Each etude begins with one of the easy folk melodies and then progresses through to intermediate and advanced intermediate.

    Each Stereogram is dedicated to a special hero in Brubeck's life. Excellent as study etudes or sight-reading pieces, Stereograms can be performed/practiced by Trombonists, Bass Trombonists, Tubists and Euphoniumists. Also great for Cello, Bass and Bassoon.

    The 13 melodies used in Volume I are: You Are My Sunshine, This Little Light of Mine, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, When the Saints Go Marching In, Just a Closer Walk With Thee, FrŠre Jacques, On Top of Old Smokey, If You're Happy and You Know It, London Bridgeis Falling Down, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Loves Me, Have You Ever Seen a Lassie, Go Tell Aunt Rhody.

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