Cholet, Jean-Christophe Complex - Jazz Duet for Euphonium & Tuba

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  • Cholet, Jean-Christophe

    Complex - Jazz Duet for Euphonium & Tuba [euphonium & tuba]

    21st Century (2011). Complex, commissioned by the French tubist Fran‡ois Thuillier, was written in the autumn of 2011. It was preceded by a collaboration between the composer and the tubaist that began in 2006 with the Concerto Episodes for tuba and windband.
    The current duo is the set piece for an instrumental competition to be held in Amiens (France) in June 2012.
    In fact Complex is, in actuality, a mini-suite encompassing primordial elements that must be both understood and executed by an accomplished musician, including rigorous rhythmical placement, an instrumental "singing" quality, control of phrasing, interaction and dialogue between the performers, and the execution of uneven and mixed meters.
    The musical character at the beginning should be interrogative and strict in its execution, followed by the subsequent development, which is oriented towards a clarification of melodies and musical discourse with a systematic use of the different motivesall along throughout the piece. The melodic lines and the predominance of the sustained, underlying rhythmical lead should be treated with special care. -the composer

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