Hering, Sigmund (Drew) Progressive Etudes (40), w/Audio

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  • Hering, Sigmund (Drew)

    Progressive Etudes (40), w/Audio (Drew)

    New 2011 edition includes performances of all 40 etudes by John Drew, professor of trombone at Florida State University.
    Perhaps one of the most popular intermediate level trombone etude books in use today. This book is progressive, starting with simple quarter-half figures and progressing to 16th note passages at the end. Dotted 8 16th figures and triplets are also presented in a repetitive fashion to hone skill in these rhythms. The keys stay on the flat side of the circle, and the clefs are bass througout. The range never exceeds F above the staff, or passes below F below the staff. This is a great first "technique" book to use for someone moving out of a beginning method and before entering Kopprasch, Schlossberg or even Arbans. 45 pages. This is the update to the Hering Progressive Etudes (40) item O-4441 -cdp
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