Pederson, Tommy Crimson Collop, The

Bass Trombone Duets

  • Pederson, Tommy

    Crimson Collop, The [2 bass trombones]

    Crafted in classic Tommy Pederson style, Crimson Collop* takes full advantage of the professional bass trombonist's range and skill. Starting with a 3 measure staccato 16th note octave unison, the duet settles into a twisted waltz, then a 2/4 "chase" up and down the range, and finally into a tricky 6/8 march. Fun to play, musically interesting and challenging.
      * A Collop is a small slice. -cdp

    Recorded by:
    Θ - Denson Paul Pollard, on Up From Below - CD 043352
    Θ - Doug Yeo & Gerry Pagano, on Fratres - CD 117635

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