Ewazen, Eric (Gekker) Hymn for the Lost & the Living, A

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Ewazen, Eric (Gekker)

    Hymn for the Lost & the Living, A (Gekker)

    21st Century (2005). A hymn for the Lost and Living portrays those painful days following September 11th, days of supreme sadness. It is intended to be a memorial for those lost souls, gone from this life, but who are forever treasured in our memories. -the composer.

    Beginning with the simple melody of the solo trumpet, this solemn work features lovely chorale writing with extended chords, rich accompaniment with running arpeggiated lines, a short section with contrasting march rhythms, poignant shifts between minor and major tonalities, and final dark, dissonant chords resolving to octave Bbs. Bb & C solo parts included. Duration is approx 8:50 minutes. -pc

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