Ewald, Victor Quintet No 4 in Ab, op 8

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  • Ewald, Victor

    Quintet No 4 in Ab, op 8 [211.01]

    Romantic (ca. 1888). Trumpet 1 in Eb. An advanced-level but not terribly difficult work by modern standards. Non-esoteric and tuneful with no major technical requirements other than what is noted below, this piece can be readily performed by better college-level groups. The three issues that make this work somewhat more demanding than the average brass quintet are:
    1. Range - the first trumpet part is high in places, enough so that the part is cast for an E-flat instrument. This is the horn that the Canadian Brass and Brass Ring quintets, among others, prefer when performing this work. The higher trumpet blends well with the rest of the ensemble due to the even writing. The other parts are of average tessitura, though the horn part sometimes gets a little high.
    2. Length - The work is in four fully developed movements. This is a long work by brass quintet standards and requires some degree of stamina on the part of the players (each part runs to 16 pages). Your audience will also need to be one that can sit for more than three minutes per tune.
    3. Key - There are many flats, which is typical of Ewald. There are numerous double flats, especially in the lower two parts, which is less common. But the real trick is the third movement—it is in the key of F-flat. That's a concert key signature (trombone & tuba) of one double-flat followed by 6 flats. Not pretty. The horn part is in 7 flats and the trumpets are in six. Despite the key signature, the movement lays well on the horns and shouldn't present any real challenge.

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