Pryor, Arthur Trombone Soloist with the Sousa Band

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  • Trombone Soloist with the Sousa Band

    Historic original recordings of Arthur Pryor performing with the John Philip Sousa Band. Includes ADAMS Holy City; AMBROSE One Sweetly Solemn Thought; BALL Love Me and the World Is Mine; CLIFTON We Won't Go Home Until Morning; DEL RIEGO Oh Dry Those Tears; FOSTER My Old Kentucky Home; JOHNSON Congo Love Song; KUMMER Dearie; LEONCAVALLO Pagliacci Selection; LOVER Low Backed Car; LUDERS Message of Violet; MATTEI Non e Ver; MORSE Come Down From the Big Fig Tree; PRYOR Blue Bells of Scotland; Intermezzo-Forever; Little Nell; Love Thoughts Waltz; Love's Enchantment; Parisian Melodies; Patriot; Polka Fantastic; ROSSINI Cujus Animam; Inflammatus; UDALL Stay In Your Own Backyard; VAN ALSTYNE Navajo; VERDI Celeste Aida
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