Pagu The King Conducting Baton w/Flat Grip - Custom

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    Conducting Baton w/Flat Grip - Custom

    Pagu's "The King" baton with its flat spot handle is designed to sit snugly in the palm of your hand while giving you flexibility and comfort in your fingers. It can be held several different ways to precisely articulate your musical gestures. A great handle for a large hand or someone who prefers to have a substantial grip on their baton. This Custom model is available with the following options:
    • Wood Handle: Choose from oak, maple, purpleheart, marblewood, walnut, zebrawood and others.
    • Shaft Length: Please indicate the length of your forearm, from 10 inches to 13.5 inches (25 to 34cm). Measure the inside of your forearm from the elbow joint out to where your wrist flexes.
    • Shaft Finish: Choose either bright white pant, or natural unfinished.
    • Balance Point*: Choose (a) tension free, (b) tip weighted; (c) basic fulcrum; (d) behind the collar; (e) palm. See below for descriptions of each
    • Engraving: Engraving of the handle is available up to 16 characters, inclusive of spaces. An additional fee applies to engraving.
    Pagu Conducting Baton w/Flat Grip

    * Description of balance points:

    • (a) Tension Free: the balance point is 1 inch (2.5 cm) up the shaft to put all the weight towards the tip of the baton. This is for folks that like to tuck the handle deep into their palm which pushes the fingers further up the shaft and for those who simply want a lot of weight at the tip.
    • (b) Basic Tip: the balance point is about a quarter inch (6mm) up the shaft from the handle. The baton is thus slightly front heavy. This design is ideal for folks with large hands (1" or wider thumb width) who hold onto the shaft and want it balanced on their index finger, or for conductors with smaller hands (less than 1" wide thumbs) who like a bit of tip drag when holding in Basic Fulcrum style.
    • (c) Basic Fulcrum: the balance point is right where the shaft meets the handle. This is most popular and common design. If you grip the handle behind the collar this will give you a little tip drag.
    • (d) Behind the Collar: like Basic Fulcrum above, but the balance point is shifted about a 1/4-inch back on to the handle. This design is ideal for those who hold the handle and want the baton balanced on their index finger, or thosewho hold it on the shaft it and want some weight in the palm of their hands, thus making the baton feel a little heavy.
    • (e) Palm: the baton has nearly all the weight in the handle and thus your palm, making the tip feel weightless.
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